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We add value by creating ideal outcomes for both property owners and tenants, where they love the transformation of their property and maximize the financial returns achieved.

Delivering upgrading, refurbishment and construction projects is what we do. Our philosophy is that all successful projects are founded on the people responsible for the project and our team are dedicated to understanding our client’s business objectives so that they can create buildings which cater to their needs.

We are a growing company with a proven track record in delivering successful projects where all clients would like to work together again. Our collaborative approach and commitment to understanding our client’s key objectives has ensured our new clients become repeat clients.

As a full-service construction company, T&G essentially assists clients from the very outset to the completion of their project. We become partners with our clients in understanding the five basic functions of: 

• Defining and establishing the scope of the construction project

• Pre-construction project planning including preparation and scheduling of the projects, phasing plans, budgeting/cost-modeling, subcontractor qualification etc.

• On-site execution of the project includes scheduling, quality control, safety management, subcontractor management, status reporting and change management.

• Monitoring and controlling the project

• Closing of the project related to the post construction activities

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